Teeth Whitening

Struggling with Stained Teeth?

Discolored and stained teeth can be the result of aging, caffeine, tobacco, strong medications, or evensome dental treatments.

Regaining shiny white teeth is easy. While home whitening is an option, we strongly recommend in-office whitening for more predictable and rapid results.


In-office Whitening Works Best

We do in-office whitening in two ways, both of which are non-invasive and comfortable.

One way is to use instant, custom-made trays filled with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The snug-fit trays are filled with the concentrated gel that substantially brightens your teeth within an hour. 

The other, more effective, way is by using Zoom light to activate the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to work more deeply and remove tough stains.

Teeth whitening is a safe treatment. Patients may experience some tooth and gum sensitivity, but it is temporary. If maintained properly, the effects of whitening can last for a year or longer.

Come consult our cosmetic dentist to get white, beautiful, and natural-looking teeth in no time. 

Our high-tech Zoom whitening treatments are ideal for severely stained teeth.