Surgical Periodontal Procedures

We Deliver A Personalized And Comfortable Surgical Experience

The personalized connection we have with each of our patients helps deliver a compassionate and comfortable surgical experience. We use proven technology and try to keep invasiveness to the minimum to enable faster recovery.


Surgical periodontal procedures include:

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery involves separating the gums from the teeth, for better accessibility and visibility, to remove the harmful deposits around the tooth and inflamed tissue. After cleaning, the gums are folded back into position. 

Flap surgery is indicated in cases where:

  • Depth of the periodontal pocket is greater than 5mm

  • Bone defects are found. Bone grafting materials are then used for bone augmentation.

Mucogingival Surgery

This grafting procedure is done to correct gum defects such as gum recession, and insufficiently attached gingiva and papilla.

Mucogingival surgery helps in improving the appearance of the gums and in maintaining gum health.