Same day Implants

Extraction Followed By Immediate Implant Placement

If you need a quick tooth replacement, an implant can be placed in the same appointment as the tooth extraction. The implant will serve as the root part of the new tooth and is left for 4-6 months to integrate with the jawbone. In visible areas of the mouth, a temporary denture, crown or bridge can be worn during the healing period. Once osseo-integration happens, the final implant crown or implant bridge is fitted.
The feasibility of same-day implants, however, depends on the patient’s jawbone quality and depth as well as the implant location.


Benefits Of Same-day Implants

The main benefit of same-day implants is reduced surgical steps and better cosmetic results as the patient leaves the clinic without any missing teeth. The technique can be used for a single tooth or for full-mouth rehabilitation.