Salvaging Implants

We Can Fix Any Problem You Have With Your Implant

The success of your implant is a priority for us. We understand the time, pain, and cost you have incurred to get your implant. Whatever be the cause of your implant-related issue, we will identify it and salvage the implant where possible.

If the implant cannot be saved, we will do what is necessary to get you a new, stronger, and lasting implant.


Why Do Implants Fail?

Failed or failing implants are a common issue that our new patients bring to us. Implants can begin to fail for several reasons:

  • Poor oral hygiene

  • Gum infection around the implant or peri-implantitis

  • Improper designing of prosthesis

  • Unrealistic loading on too few implants

  • Loosening screws or implant fractures

How Do We Fix It?

When we receive patients with failed or failing implants, we first do a detailed clinical examination followed by a CBCT (3D imaging). Using the findings, our gum specialist, oral surgeon, and prosthetic expert identify the exact issue. Thereafter, we do whatever can be done to retain the existing implants. This may include eliminating the infection followed by bone grafts, if necessary. 

In case of a failed implant, we remove the old one and place new implants in a way that is stable and highly aesthetic.


We often get referrals from other clinics to resolve failed or failing implants.

 We  are proud of our technology and expertise in this field.