Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment With Us Is Fast And Pain-Free

Root canal treatment is a conservation procedure wherein we can save the decayed or fractured natural tooth from extraction. The treatment has an excellent prognosis with about a 95% success rate.

We provide the most prudent and honest treatment to our patients, and will proactively try to prevent tooth decay and the possibility of a future root canal. However, if the root canal treatment is inevitable, our experienced endodontist will complete the treatment:

  • In a single sitting, most of the time, or

  • In case of severe infections, multiple sittings.

You May Need A Root Canal If You Have:

  • A constant toothache, especially after chipping or fracturing a tooth

  • Intense and spontaneous tooth pain that disrupts sleep

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity to temperature and pressure 

  • A swelling (abscess) near the tooth


What Does the Procedure Involve?

  • The area is numbed, and the decayed portion of the tooth cleaned.

  • The root canals are cleaned and filled with an inert material.

  • The decayed crown part is re-built using a hard, composite resin.

  • At times, it is further strengthened with a post.

  • Finally, the natural tooth appearance and function are safeguarded using cosmetic restoration, such as a crown.


We have the technology and experience to perform safe, successful, and pain-free root canal treatment.