Laser Dentistry

A Cutting-edge, Versatile, and Productive Tool

The use of diode lasers for soft tissue surgery, pain relief, and whitening procedures enables higher precision, less damage to healthy tissues, and higher comfort for patients. We use soft tissue diode lasers for several procedures, including:

  • Reshaping or trimming gums for crown lengthening

  • Treating gum disease

  • Taking tissue biopsies

  • Detecting cavities

  • Disinfecting root canals

  • Whitening teeth

  • Treating ulcers

  • For pain therapy

  • To save failing implants


Advantages Over Traditional Dentistry

Some of the major benefits associated with laser dentistry are:

  • Needle-free dentistry without anesthesia

  • Less chair time, reduced bleeding/swelling, and minimal sutures

  • Higher comfort, less pain, and faster healing with lower risk of infections

  • Safe for children and indicated for medically-compromised patients as well


At our clinic, we use the Biolase Epic X Diode Laser, which is the gold standard in laser dentistry for soft-tissue surgery, hygiene/sterilization procedures, pain therapy, and teeth whitening.