We Offer Comfortable, Retentive, Natural-looking Removable Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues that improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

Even though implant placement is very simple, many patients still opt for complete or partial dentures because implant placement involves surgery.

Dr Jagadeesh and his prosthodontics team specialize in making dentures using modern techniques and materials.

Come meet our fabulous prosthodontics team for partial or complete dentures.


Traditional, removable acrylic dentures have several disadvantages. They do not prevent bone loss; they often require adhesives; and can slip out unexpectedly or cause discomfort.

While they are the most affordable option, these dentures tend to “float” when chewing, and need periodic replacement.

We recommend fixed implant prosthesis or removable implant-supported overdentures.

The Benefits of Implant Overdentures

For edentulous (lost all teeth) patients, who do not want fixed implant prosthesis, we recommend implant overdentures that are dentures fitted over implants. Such implant-supported dentures have several benefits over conventional removable dentures:

  • Better retention and stability provides psychological benefits

  • Increased chewing efficiency and better nutrition

  • Higher aesthetics and clearer speech

  • Slower jawbone loss and lower muscle atrophy around the mouth


We provide a fun and comfortable environment that will allow your child to confidently sit through dental examinations and treatment. Our compassionate doctors also inculcate the importance of dental care in their little patients.