Cortical Implants

Fast, Strong, and Permanent Teeth in Less Time

Basal implants or single-piece implants or cortical implants are an option for patients with too little jawbone for conventional implant placement.

The procedure takes advantage of the hard cortical bone present at the base of the jawbone and directly places the one-piece implant onto this bone.


These immediate-loading implants offer a way around the extensive preparation (bone augmentation or sinus lift) required to place conventional implants in people with insufficient jawbone.

Essentially, this is osseo-fixation. It removes the wait time taken for bone integration in the case of regular implants. In fact, full-mouth rehabilitation using basal implants can be done within 72 hours.

 Benefits of Basal Implants

  • They can be placed even in patients with severely atrophied jawbones.

  • Immediate loading means faster restoration of dental functions.

  • They are easier to maintain and less expensive than conventional implants due to fewer treatment stages.

  • Even patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, or who smoke, are suitable candidates.

  • It requires no extensive surgical procedures like sinus lift and bone grafting.