Children’s Dentistry

Healthy Baby Teeth Make For Healthy Adult Teeth

A child’s milk teeth plays a crucial role in the formation and alignment of their permanent teeth. Children can be brought for their first check-up soon after completing their first birthday. At this time, we recommend using a wet washcloth to clean the teeth that have already come out. Children will usually have all of their baby teeth by the age of 3 years.

Since the first permanent teeth begin to erupt only at 6-7 years, baby teeth are crucial for early chewing and biting as well as speech development. They also serve as space holders for permanent teeth. Premature loss of milk teeth, prolonged use of pacifiers, and habits such as thumb sucking can impact the alignment and health of adult teeth. Early advice and intervention by dentists can help immensely.

Why Are Regular Dental Checkups Important For Children?

Dental caries are irreversible. Children are at a higher risk for tooth decay due to a combination of factors that include congenital teeth defects, frequent snacking, higher intake of sugary and fast foods, inadequate brushing or oral hygiene, misaligned or hypocalcified teeth, poor morphology, worn fillings, playtime injuries, and lack of fluoride.

At Dr C Jagadeesh’s Dental Clinic, we recommend checkups and cleaning every 6 months to monitor progress and changes.

What To Expect During the Child’s Dental Appointments?

Our child specialists and staff are warm and friendly. After examining the teeth, gums, and tongue of the child, the doctor will discuss their suggestions in detail with you to create a long-term dental care plan.

Depending on their age, subsequent appointments may involve just cleaning and fluoride treatment. In circumstances where we find cavities and tooth decay, we will advise appropriate treatments that can include fillings, extractions, crowns, baby root canal, space maintainers, or the use of sealants.

We provide a fun and comfortable environment that will allow your child to confidently sit through dental examinations and treatment. Our compassionate doctors also inculcate the importance of dental care in their little patients.